January 2022 Newsletter

We hope that you have had a good festive break and your New Year's resolutions are still in play. This year let's hope we can get back to uninterrupted tennis and enjoy our wonderful facilities, and perhaps help achieve some of your resolutions.


The first thing is that we have a bit of a challenge. Our neighbours have been complaining about the noise from the tennis club and the impact on their enjoyment of their property and garden. The committee has been looking at this and the Chair has met with the neighbours on a couple of occasions to talk through solutions. It would be fair to say that there is a gap of expectation between the impact of being next to a tennis club and the level of noise they are likely to experience.  However there are a number of examples where the noise level is not acceptable. We have set about a number of interventions to reduce these.


Firstly, we are highlighting with all our members that we need to be aware that we have nearby neighbours and to be considerate as we play our tennis. Clearly, we are not going to play in silence, however we need to curb some of our enthusiasm - occasionally the volume of delight and/or frustration may be on the loud side! Secondly, we are placing signs up on all the courts to remind people that we should be considerate of our neighbours. Thirdly, we are writing to all the members of the tennis programme and their parents asking that the children try and ensure they keep the volume down. The coaches are aware that excessive noise will not be tolerated and perhaps occasionally kids will need to sit by the court and cool off a little. 


We hope that you will support us in these actions as we believe this can reduce the incidence of excessive noise and ensure our neighbours don't have their peace unnecessarily disturbed.


One thing we would like to highlight is the reaction that the Committee first had - "Hang on a second, they have moved next to a functioning vibrant tennis club what do they expect?" That is perhaps a reasonable challenge, however please recognise there are times where the noise is excessive; we have all individually observed where members, kids being coached and exuberant competitors have created a level of noise that is unacceptable. It is these incidents that we have a responsibility to eliminate or reduce.


While we write a few other points to mention:


  • The committee is always keen to hear thoughts, ideas, shortcomings or just feedback on the club and its facilities. So, if there are any points that you want to raise then please email the club email with those points. We are very keen to see where we can improve the club's operation - remember it is your club and your thoughts count.


  • Our new season starts 1st May 2022, so we will be writing to you regarding the renewal process at the start of April.


  • We have permission from the school to put in a "clubhouse" so that people visiting, playing or watching at CVS courts have some facilities to use.


  • We are currently reviewing the condition of the CVS courts which may lead to a replacement of the surface.


  • The intention in the next month is to go for another order for Akuma club kit, partly subsidised by another generous sponsorship package by Fine and Country through their owner Peter Greatorex.


  • Following a very enjoyable festive social tennis evening just before Xmas, the committee will be running further social tennis events in 2022. Keep an eye on emails and the Facebook page for details.


  • The annual club tournament will start in May and entries will be open nearer the time. Do consider entering this year. It's a great way to play more tennis and meet other members of the club.


  • Adult and Junior leagues are continuing throughout the winter (matches are rarely cancelled due to weather!), so good luck to all playing and thanks to them and the captains for representing the club.


  • Penultimately we are collecting a small avalanche of lost or abandoned property, they will be outside the clubhouse until 21st January before being sent off to the charity shop.


  • Finally, we have been delayed in introducing new outside furniture due to the pandemic and intend to replace over the next few months ready for the spring season.


As you can see as usual the committee and a small band of helpers are working hard to maintain our fantastic facilities. Our payback is that we get to add something back to a sport that we all love and want as many people as possible to experience and have some fun doing it. If you wish to join us or lend some support then drop an email to


Happy New Year and let's hit some yellow balls! - (quietly!!)


BSTC Tennis Committee