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BSTC Members Information Booklet - click HERE to download useful information about all aspects of the club.

BSTC Constitution - click HERE to download our constitution which sets out how the club is run. 

BSTC Court Booking Rules - click HERE to download the rules for booking and caring for our courts.

BSTC Court Availability for Coaching at BSTC Site - click HERE for rules on the availability of Courts for Coaching at the main BSTC site.

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BSTC Tennis Forum

B.S.T.C set up the Tennis Forum to manage and support the Tennis Programme and all aspects of competitive tennis played at the club. The aim of the Forum is to ensure the continual progression and development of the programme and all competitive tennis played at the club. The Tennis Forum is made up of representatives of all the different parts of the club and meet regularly throughout the year to discuss and review present and future plans.These ideas and plans are then discussed at Committee meetings. The Forum members are listed below:

    Lyn Jones - League Manager, Ladies Captain and Forum Lead

    David Tonkin - Chair

    Mike Kopacki - Head Coach

    Dan Burgess - Coach

    Sarah Peacock - Welfare Officer

    Sara English - Junior Parent Representation

    Sarah Jane Streatfeild James 


If you have any queries, please contact Lyn Jones (