Coaching Timetable

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The table below lays out the coaching activities on a weekly schedule:




    4-5pm     10-11am
Red Ball 4-5pm   4-5pm 4-5pm 4-5pm 10-11am
Red Ball Select   4-5.30pm        
Orange Ball 4-5pm   4-5pm   4-5pm 11-12am
Orange Ball Select   4-5.30pm   4.30-6pm    
Green Ball 4-5pm   4-5pm   4-5pm 11-12am
Green Ball Select   4-5.30pm   4.30-6pm    
u12s 4-5pm   5-6pm   4-5pm  
u12s Select Boys   5.30-7pm   5.30-7pm    
u12/14s Select Girls 5-6.30pm 6.30-8pm     6.30-8pm 11-12.30pm
u14s Boys 6.30-8pm       5-6pm 12-1pm
u18s Mixed 6.30-7.30pm          
u16's Boys Select       3.30-5pm    
Adult coaching   Club Night 8.00-10.00pm 10.30-11.30am 8-9pm    


We have an excellent dedicated Coaching team who provide a range of coaching courses, some of the courses are listed below and most can be booked on line. If you require further information or want to enquire on the other coaching programmes then please contact Mike Kopacki.

Group Coaching :


We have a comprehensive Junior Coaching Programme 6 days a week in term time. You can book weekday sessions below. Please note that the sessions for General and Select coaching run five days a week and at a variety of times as per the table at the top of the page, the times and day of the week stated on the course bookings are system generated and not accurate. The start and end dates of the programmes are accurate.


FREE TO MEMBERS Open Mixed session ( Coach led) -   Tuesday 7.30pm to 10.00pm

FREE TO MEMBERS Open Mixed session ( Coach led) -   Wednesday  10am to 11.30 am 

Open Mixed Coaching Thursday 8pm to 9.00pm (book below)


For more details please contact Head Coach- Mike Kopacki  email  :

Tel:  07772 617384

Coaching :